Duane Sylvestre    Bourbon Steak DC

Duane Sylvestre
Bourbon Steak DC

   Christine Kim    Tico

Christine Kim

   Ed Jenks    Vidalia

Ed Jenks

   Sebastian Zutant    The Red Hen

Sebastian Zutant
The Red Hen

   Kristi Green    Osteria Morini

Kristi Green
Osteria Morini

   Trevor Frye    Jack Rose

Trevor Frye
Jack Rose

   Jamie MacBain    Daikaya

Jamie MacBain

   Jo-Jo Valenzuela    Gypsy Soul

Jo-Jo Valenzuela
Gypsy Soul

   Glendon Hartley    Cava Mezze

Glendon Hartley
Cava Mezze

   Horus Alvarez    Vinoteca

Horus Alvarez

   Erin Goodman    Roofers Union

Erin Goodman
Roofers Union

   Alec Bradford    Leaping Waters Farm

Alec Bradford
Leaping Waters Farm

   Andrew Crush    Spring House Farm

Andrew Crush
Spring House Farm

   Clay Trainum    Autumn Olive Farm

Clay Trainum
Autumn Olive Farm

   Michael Sullivan    COCHON 555

Michael Sullivan


Notable Bartenders From 12 Establishments will compete at COCHON 555’s Highly-Spirited Punch Competition presented by tba. The event is the culmination of chefs, farms, and the infamous barkeeps that keep the front of house spirited and in good company. The showdown will be held Saturday, October 11th, at Taste of DC on 12th and Pennsylvania Avenue in the shadows of our nation’s Capital. The barkeeps will compete by preparing recipes of boozy punches using a featured spirit. The 12 bartenders, listed below, will create punches for a chance to win an 2-day trip to New York City to open the 2015 COCHON 555 US Tour with a Welcome Reception featuring their winning punch in addition to be a Judge at the tours opening event. 

“This will be the most notable punch-themed celebration to hit the country since prohibition was lifted in 1933!” says COCHON 555 founder Brady Lowe. “I’ve always wanted to host a national event that celebrates the barkeeps that keep the boom of the cocktail culture alive and vibrant. There’s nothing better than a fine punch made with a whole bottle of craft spirit to complement the philosophy of whole animal utilization and the flavor packed benefits of eating heritage pork. And, with this event, we welcome our friends, the Farmer and the Chef to cook side by side in a celebration of pigs roasted in the Caja China box. Pigs in a box are the new Pigs in a blanket! Get ready to watch teams roast and serve over 500+ pounds of heritage pork, while drinking the finest punches in the city!” 

As host of the event, Taste of DC will offer access to the festival with a purchase of your ticket. Guests of “Punch Kings & Pigs” will enjoy the show as notable chefs cook straight from the farm, in a “never before” to this scale of box-roasted preparation of heritage breed pigs. Farmers and chefs working together to build hands’on vehicles like pitas, lettuce cups, wraps, tacos, and our favorite Martin’s Potato Rolls to make this one of the most memorable all-inclusive event featuring amazing punches, craft brews, pig and ciders.

The event is part of the Cochon US Tour, a national series of hyper-local events that create word-of-mouth marketing for family farms while building better networks for chefs to purchase this sought-after protein. Today, the tour reaches out to people who care about the conversation of local food and craft cocktails made by real people. The event is 100% all inclusive and 1000% tasty.

WHERE Taste of DC – Official Partner & Host
Pennsylvania Ave. & 12th Street

Saturday, October 11th, 2014
2:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. 

If you are interested in being involved with Cochon, please contact us.

Follow us on Twitter @COCHON555