Each contestant creates [1] large format punch rightfully made with [1] bottle of Breckenridge Bourbon in [1] punch bowl in 30 minutes made with your special ingredients.

Imagine making a punch for your friends, fellow bartenders, not for the consumers palate. The judges for each city are comprised of well known chefs, media, distillery owners, COCHON Founders, and respected barkeeps. Upon completion, barkeeps will serve "The Punch" to [6] judges who vote, and then the VIP guests (who do not vote) until the punch is gone. Upon hitting empty, barkeep cleans their area.

Judges score on [3] categories: Presentation, Creativity, and Flavor, each with a possible score of 5points (1 being low, 5 being high). The barkeep with the most points out of 15 will win. In case of a tie, the winner will be selected by the "best sip" and the barkeep's attention to the overall process, cleanliness, and timeline. Please bring a printed copy of your recipe or submit via the link below before the competition begins.

Barkeeps will present to the judges and the rest of the yield will be served to the guests in tasting portions, when its gone, you clean up and enjoy the event!! All barkeeps will be called on stage, and the winner will be announce to the audience. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the event and attend the after party.



COCHON WILL PROVIDE ONLY the following for competition:

  • [1] Bottle (750ml) Of Breckenridge Bourbon
  • [1] Punch Bowl (7 quart)
  • [1] Ladle
  • [8] 8oz Mason Jars For Serving To Judges*
  • Ice, As Provided By The Venue**
  • Serving Cups For Guests

*You are welcome to bring your own glassware -- If you decline to do this you must use the mason jars.
**If you want special ice, please bring your own -- COCHON will only provide what the venue has available.


CONTENDERS will provide their own ingredients in a small cooler

  • Barkeep coolers must be the MAXIMUM size of: 14.38"H  x 25.38"W x 14.75"L
  • All other personal items must be placed at  coat check upon arrival
  • No coolers/bags/containers will be on the floor during competition
  • All ingredients and tools needed will be placed in your 24"x24" storage area

**Please note, no open flames will be permitted on the floor


If your interested in signing up to compete in your city please click the button below.


Those who have been confirmed to compete please click the button below to submit the recipe you plan to make for the competition. Those confirmed to compete will receive further details on preparation and event timeline via email.