Showcasing amazing barkeeps around the country isn’t easy, but it sure is tasty in the nation’s fifth annual punch competition. Punch was the grandaddy of all cocktails, meant for sharing amongst friends and enhancing social engagements. The theme of the competition is large format, and the participating bartenders are given 30 minutes to prepare 1 punch bowl featuring 1 bottle of spirits along with their special ingredients. Presented to notable judges, the winner receives a trophy, bragging rights and a prize. Together with top barkeeps around the country, Punch Kings is preserving the “The Original Bottle Service”.



If selected to participate, your punch will feature Breckenridge Bourbon and will be presented to a panel of notable judges. Contestants create one large format punch rightfully made with one bottle of premium spirit. They are given one punch bowl and 30 minutes to concoct their own magic hospitality potion using their special ingredients.

We ask barkeeps to model the punch after a night with close friends and fellow bartenders. Remember, we are looking for the next best punch to blow the palate of fellow drink makers. The judges for each city are comprised of well known chefs, media, distillery owners, COCHON555 TOUR Founders, and respected barkeeps. Upon completion, barkeeps will serve their creations to the pack of notable judges, who will then score the libations and declare the city’s Punch King. The competitions usually take place during the main Cochon555 event which means the lucky VIP ticket holders get to taste the punches before they are gone. Once their bowls are empty, the barkeeps clean their area and enjoy the remainder of the Cochon555 culinary competition event.

Judges score on 3 categories: Presentation, Creativity, and Flavor, each with a possible score of 5 points (1 being the low, 5 being the high). The barkeep with the most points out of 15 will win. In case of a tie, the winner will be selected by the "best sip,” along with the barkeep's attention to the overall process, cleanliness, and timeline. We ask barkeeps to bring a printed copy of the recipe so we can post all those great recipes on this website after the competition.

All barkeeps will be called on stage and the winner will be announced to the audience at the end of the evening. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the event and attend the after party.

The winner will receive a trophy, bragging rights, a trip to Chicago on September 30, 2018 to compete for the ultimate crown in "Last Call” and to boot, a $1,000 bottle of Breckenridge Reserve Bourbon. The grand finale is a head-to-head Punch King competition with winners from each city for the title of Punch King or Queen of 2018!